Mariology and Ecumenical Dialoge

  • Donald H. J. Hermann Catholic Theological Union and DePaul University
Keywords: Mariology, Mary, Ecumenicism, inter-religious relations


MARIOLOGY AND ECUMENICAL DIALOGUE ABSTRACT This article reviews the contemporary ecumenical dialogue on the Virgin Mary.  The four major dogmas are examined which address the subject of Mary: the Mother of God, the Virgin Birth, the assumption, and the Immaculate Conception are discussed.  This dialogue is in part a result of Vatican II, which marked a significant change in Roman Catholic doctrine and devotion to Mary.  This has led to a significant ecumenical discussions and related publications by both Catholic and Protestant theologians.  These interchanges have resulted in significant inter-religious conferences, dialogues and commissions involving Roman Catholics and representatives of various Protestant denominations and the Anglican Communion.  This article evaluates the significance of this ecumenical dialogue on the subject of Mariology.

Author Biography

Donald H. J. Hermann, Catholic Theological Union and DePaul University
AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL STATEMENT            Donald H. J. Hermann is currently a candidate for the degree Masters in Divinity at Catholic Theological Union.  Last year he was awarded the degree Masters of Arts in Theology by CTU.  He is currently Professor of Law and Philosophy at DePaul University.  His undergraduate studies were completed at Stanford University when he received the A. B. degree in History and Economics.  His J.D. was earned at Columbia University and LL.M. at Harvard University.  He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Northwestern University.  In addition he received the degree MAAH from the School of the Art Institute and an M.L.A. from the University of Chicago.  He currently teaches courses in Law and Medical Ethics, Law and Human Sexuality and Privacy Law.  He has been active in civic and performing arts organizations in Chicago.


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